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A table version of bowling, that uses a cue to strike a ball.
It is thus a new game , which is somewhere between a ninepin and a tenpin.
The shortened bowling alley allows you to use smaller spaces where the layout and length of the object does not allow you to place classic a bowling alley of standard length in accordance with classic rules Czech bowling association.
This shortened version of a bowling alley logically does not comply with the official bowling rules.
This fact, however, does not prevent enthusiasts to discover their abilities and possibilities during the game.
The difference between ninepin and tenpin as stated by Wikipedia:

A citation from  wikipedia:
A ninepin is very similar to classic tenpin, as in  both the games the player strives to score the highest pinfall as possible. However, there are several differences between both the games. In the case of tenpin, there are 10 pins on the alley placed in the shape of a triangle, whose one point faces towards the player. In  ninepin there are only  nine pins in the game, which are assembled into a diamond shape and the pins are bigger compared to the tenpin bowling pins. Also the bowling balls in tenpin are bigger than in ninepin and  unlike ninepin bowling balls they have three holes. The bowling balls are made of polyurethane or reactive polyurethane with an eccentric core that will ensure that the ball thrown will not go directly on the alley, but during its movement it will  deflect from the direct movement and more pins will be toppled. (Tt is, however, more difficult to release the pin during the throw in a way to reach the optimal deflection.) Although all the bowling pins have a strictly determined identical diameter, they vary in their weight compared to another. The tenpin ball has a diameter of 160 ± 0,5 mm, it is smooth, without holes and its weight is always within the range from 2,818 to 2,871 kg. The original wooden and or rubber balls were replaced by plastic ones even in this case. With regard to bigger size of balls  as well as pins in case of ninepin bowling it is a lot easier to tumble all the pins with one throw.

Tenpin differs from ninepin also in the game system. In case of tenpin only one player plays in the given alley and for so long until the player throws the determined number of throws - i.e. 25, 50, but sometimes even more. Contrary to that in ninepin the players take turns after one or two throws, thanks to which the game is more fast paced and is more thrilling, as the players are able to immediately compare their results with other opponents. Counting the knocked down pins also differs. While in tenpin only those pins that really fall down are counted, in ninepin it is possible to gain extra points for knocking down all the pins. End of citation.

For outdoor bowling alleys exclusively cord technology placing pins.
These alleys are always built for commercial purposes and are not used for holding official tournaments and contests.
The cord technology is less expensive, simpler and easier to operate and also the demands for servicing are lower.
This version of placing pins is also noisier, which usually does not constitute a problem in the outdoor environment.
The cordless technology of bowling alleys is mainly used in the professional sphere(contests, tournaments and the like), as the records within contests are recognised according to the rulesof Czech bowling association only for cordless technologies. Other parts of the bowling (alleys, scoring system) are the same for both the cord and cordless technology of bowling alleys.

You can find more about bowling alleys with cord technology of placing bowling pins on the previous link.

Bowling alleys are divided into two basic groups according to setter device These are professional alleys and alleys designed  for commercial use. The main difference between these groups is the way of placing the pins. Professional alleys where competitions and tournaments are planned to be held, are equipped with cordless technology. 

Cordless bowling alleys are more demanding regarding servicing and  there are higher demands on the maintenance worker’s expertise. 
A more complicated and more precise system leads to increased initial costs and also to higher price for service.
The length of the bowling alley and other necessities of a bowling alley.

When to use cordless bowling alleys and when cord technology bowling alleys?

Where there is no prerequisite for organising official competitions and tournaments where the rules require cordless placing of pins,
we recommend cheaper and easier to operate cord technology of placing pins. The main difference between the two types lies in the way the pins are placed. The other parts of bowling (alleys, scoring system) are the same both for the cord technology of bowling alleys and for the cordless technology.

In practice, smaller centres with two, or, as the case may be, four alleys, are mostly equipped with cord technology, centres with six and more alleys are then usually equipped with cordless technology. (Thus they can hold various tournaments  here as well, or contests at the international level.)

More about  bowling alleys with 
using cordless technology on the previous link.

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